Micro Sizing Spiritual Practices

Micro sizing can improve many spiritual practices. Don’t make the mistake that your spiritual practice needs to be bigger or complicated to achieve your goals. You don’t have to build the great pyramids as a door to heaven.

Quite often, simple spiritual practices lead to deeper and more profound results.

Many times release is the key to refining practice, and if you think about it, Micro sizing is a form of release.

Let’s Micro Size!

Micro Prayers

Make a prayer complicated, and you will lose intention, but keep prayer simple, you can retain focus on a simple intention. For example, I teach people not to use words in prayers but to simplify the prayer to an intention or simple visualization. A perfect example of micro-sizing a prayer is to reduce a prayer into a moment of gratitude. The documented benefits of gratitude are seemingly countless.

I often will teach my students to alternate prayers from long to micro-prayers. The changing of routine helps keep prayers fresh and clear.

Mirco prayers are great for self-empowerment. To only reach out for help/connection in constant long prayer is to forget our power and action. Micro prayers help refocus a person’s power and action to their own heart and steps.

When a person makes a big prayer, they often don’t see the small steps they can initiate in manifesting the intentions of the prayer. Mirco-prayers can refocus a person back to the smaller steps they can achieve in the present moment.

Micro Meditation

Meditation is a process of awareness. Countless meditation practices exist. Some meditation practices can take years to master. So people make a mistake to think all meditation practices are long or complicated in nature. The exact opposite is true; many meditation practices are simple and can be learned relatively quickly.

Since meditation is a practice of awareness, the more complicated you make your process, the more you risk losing awareness. Additionally, there is a point where awareness can exceed your capacity to hold it all, and it bursts to slip away like water. (Note: practice can help you hold to larger expanses of awareness)

While it can be true that practice and refinement of your technique can take a while, many practices can be quite simple.

The fastest and quickest meditation moment a person can achieve is very simple: Pause.

A moment of pause is the perfect moment of micro-meditation!

When you pause also take a second to see what feelings are stirred up. Chase your feelings down, and then pause again to examine your feelings to look at yourself deeper. In this simple example, you might be surprised what these micro-pauses bring up for you to explore. Perhaps they will bring back childhood memories or some feelings of happiness or sadness. Over time these micro pauses will allow you to examine and process information which you didn’t know was wrapped up and hidden inside of your life.

I commonly ask my students to pause randomly three times a day. It allows them to process their problems and lessons more effectively. Three microdoses of pause every day expands a person tremendously. It allows them to release stress at key moments or to clarify their minds.

As you pause more, it opens up addition senses and awareness.

If I had to teach only one meditation practice, it would simply be to pause. Pause is the doorway to many other practices and healing techniques.

Micro Journey

To experience spirit is to journey beyond our story and world. Journey Work is a core part of shamanic practice. Journey work can be a quite complicated process, and it can also be very simple. The simplest journey is opening your imagination to be free.

We can jump into a micro journey in many ways.

  • We can imagine ourselves in the book we are reading.
  • Pause for a moment and let yourself be elsewhere in that pause.
  • We can daydream for a moment.
  • We can savor a moment and let it be inspirational.
  • You can sing for a moment and be part of the song.

Imagination is one of the more natural doorways into the spirit world. Just because it’s imagination don’t discount the power of what you see or learn in that moment of imagination.

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