Harmony between body, spirit, mind and emotions

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Our approach is an amalgam of various traditions across the world, organized through our own unique way

We are deeply interconnected. Biologically, we all share the same DNA; we breathe the same air; we depend on the same Mother Earth to provide for us

What is Shamanism?

Ancient method

Shamanism is an ancient method of enlightenment and divination that is the oldest spiritual tradition on the planet.

Spiritual Journey

Shamanism is based on the practice of entering an altered state of consciousness in order to conduct personal explorations into spirit realms. These explorations, traditionally called “journeys,” are to gather information, gain knowledge, and acquiring help and enlightening for oneself and others.

Direct experience

Emphasis on direct personal experience differentiates shamanism from faith-based practices.

How shamanism can help you?

Extraction and Cleansing

When a person experiences a soul loss, an opening is created in their vital life-force. Other energies may enter that opening and compete for the individual's vital life-force.

Shamanic Counseling

Shamanic counseling is a process of personal empowerment and problem solving, and reconnection with spirit. The helping spirits are the "counselors." The shaman is there to teach the shamanic journeying technique and to empower the client to use it.

Ancestral Helping

All of our unresolved history of violence, injustice, and suffering is held in our ancestral lines. It impacts our lives today. The unresolved energy of your ancestors affects you.

What do we offer?

Helping to Your Inner Child

Your Inner Child is part of you. And even with the most picture-perfect childhood and supportive family system (if you can imagine those things), that Inner Child can be activated and take the wheel of our life in the most inopportune times and unhelpful ways.

Past Life Regression

For those who are interested in exploring beyond the boundaries of this lifetime to understand and unravel the karmic core of their present life situations, past life regression is a powerful and effective therapeutic modality with many applications. You do not need to believe in past lives and reincarnation in order for Past Life Regression Therapy to be an effective therapeutic method for you.


Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic method in which hypnosis or trance - a focused and expansive state of awareness - is used to empower you around your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

About us

Rayyan Lyons A Man of Knowledge
Shamanism is humanity's oldest spiritual practice and tradition. Its roots stretch back to the furthest times in human history. The shaman is considered by many to be the ancient predecessor of the modern doctor and psychotherapist. Although many associate shamanic practice with Native America or other exotic cultures, shamanism is, in fact, a worldwide phenomenon. Shamanic practices are known to have existed throughout the globe. We all share a shamanic heritage and as human beings, we all have the ability to work shamanically

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